ISS College of Teacher Education, Perinthalmanna and Inter University Centre for Disability Studies (IUCDS), MG University, Kottayam in collaboration with MG University, Kottayam in collaboration with Farook Training College, Kottayam successfully coordinated the MOOC Course on ‘Inclusive Education’ through the college’s MOOC platform from 20th February 2023

The course co-ordinator Dr.Naseerali M.K., COnvener, IQAC,  ISSCTE and Dr.Aseel Abdul Wahid, Asst. Professor, FTC did make the course systematically organised and served their best to the participants.

Course Outline

Day 1: Inclusion and its scope

  • Inclusion in our Society: 
  • Meaning of Inclusion
  • Need and Importance of Inclusion

Day 2: Models of Inclusion

  • Models of Inclusion – Orientation: 
  • Human rights model
  • Strategies Intervention Model
  • Team teaching Model

Day 3: Barriers Measures to address Inclusion

  • Attitudinal, Social, Environmental barriers
  • Adoptive measures for addressing the barriers
  • Role of family and school in addressing the barriers

Day 4: Curricular practices

  • Curricular adaptation
  • Differentiating content in an inclusive learning environment
  • Measures of evaluation in an inclusive learning environment

Day 5: Inclusive environment

  • School an engaging inclusive environment
  • Role of family towards inclusive environment
  • Role of society towards inclusive environment

Day 6: ICT in Inclusive classroom

  • ICT tools in Inclusive classroom
  • Teaching and Learning Inclusive Classroom
  • Assessment through ICT in inclusive classroom

Day 7: Educational Plan

  • Individualized Education Plan
  • Inclusive Lesson Plan
  • ICT based Lesson Plan
Day 8: Achievement Test

  • Online test including objective type items (MCQs/Fill in the Blanks/ Short Answer/Match the Following)

The feedback from the participants expressed how the course was beneficial to them. All our resource persons contributed to the course with the best learning experiences. The support materials and associated activities helped us to engage our participants in this self-paced course.

The participants are objectively graded based on their performances in the course activities and are issued with the certificates timely.


Students Activities and functions

Understanding the self

Date:-19/03/24   The B.Ed practical session on understanding the self was handled by Santhosh Vallikad,


**Report: Women’s Day Celebration and Student-led Flash and Short Video Competition** **Date:** March 8, 2024

Ist Sem result Published

**Published B.Ed First Semester Results**   **Date:** March 01, 2024   **Introduction:** We are pleased

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