The Faculty Development Programme on Concerns of Academic Research in Social Sciences was conducted from 10th to 16th May 2023. The program aimed to provide faculty members with essential knowledge and skills in academic research, covering various aspects from research ethics and methodology to data analysis using both commercial and open-source software. The program featured distinguished experts in the field who shared their expertise and insights with the participants.


The program witnessed active participation from a total of 390 participants, including faculty members from various institutions and disciplines within the social sciences field.


The inaugural session of the FEP was held at 2.15 P.M. on 10 May 2023. The session was chaired by Dr.Reni Francis, Principal of PCER. She urged all the participants to be the focused researchers having strong motives and holding values. In the inaugural speech, Prof.Nasreen, Aligarh Muslim University appreciated the organizing institutions of the FEP to plan for this program in the collaboration. She acknowledged the contributions of the academic researchers in social sciences held in the various research departments of the universities in the country. She pointed that academia in social sciences, being the science that touches the social issues and phenomenon, need to be research oriented right from the beginning of higher education. Prof.(Dr.)Mohammed Saleem who felicitated the participants and oragnisers reminded the researchers fraternity to be committed in the academic researches. When the research output has nothing to contribute to the society, it’s a waste of time and sin, he added.












SESSION 1: Date: 10th May 2023 (Wednesday)

Topic: Basics of Research, Research Ethics, and Plagiarism

Speaker: Dr. Gabriel Simon Thattil

Prof.Gabriel Simon Thattil presented the basics of academic research in a simplest way. He explained the concepts of research, need for research, selection of problems, formaulating hypotheses, selection of appropriate sample from population, and the Dos and Don’t dos in academic research. Dr.Shaikh Fahemeeda, Asst. Professor, KBN University moderated the session.

SESSION 2: Date: 11th May 2023 (Thursday)

Topic: Selection of Research Problems and Sample

Speaker: Dr. Bharti Kaushik

Prof.Bharti Kaushik, Associate Professor, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET), NCERT, New Delhi in her session discussed the methods and strategies to be followed while selecting the research problems and sample. Ms.Surekha Chidambaranath, Assistant Professor, MES’s PCER moderated the session.

SESSION 3: Date: 12th May 2023 (Friday)

Topic: Trends in Designing Methodology of a Research Paper

Speaker: Dr. Sindhya V.

Dr.Sindhya V., Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram highlighted the qualities of a good academic publication. She discussed the structure and the best practices in academic publications. Dr.Naseerali M.K., Asst. Professor, ISS CTE moderated the session.

SESSION 4: Date: 13th May 2023 (Saturday)

Topic: Concerns of Academic Publication

Speaker: Dr. Sameer Babu M.

Dr.Sameer Babu M., Associate Professor, Dept. of Adult and Continuing Education and Extension, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi gave the practical insights in to the academic publications. Added to the practices of the topics discussed by Dr.Sindhya in the Session 3, Dr.Sameer gave insightful thoughts on the need for the quality publications rather than predatory publications in the practice. He helped the participants in meeting the standards of national and international publishers for publication of research reports. Dr.Naseerali M.K., Asst. Professor, ISS CTE moderated the session.

SESSION 5: Date: 14th May 2023 (Sunday)

Topic: SPSS – Basics

Speaker: Dr. Ajith Kumar C.

Dr. Ajith Kumar C., Assistant Professor, School of Education, IGNOU, New Delhi demonstrated the use of SPSS Packgae in doing the statistics for analysing the data. In the well organized presentation, Dr.Ajith demonstrated the various statistical measures including normality tests, & t-test with the help of a sample set of data sheet. Ms.Athira S.R., Asst. Professor, MES’s PCER moderated the session.

SESSION 6: Date: 15th May 2023 (Monday)

Topic: SPSS – Advanced

Speaker: Dr. Ajithkumar C.

Dr.Ajith continued his demonstration of SPSS Package by clarifying the queries of the participants regarding the previous day’s presentation. He extended his demonstration to the Chi-square test, and ANOVA using SPSS. He also highlighted the way to interpret from the statistics. Ms.Athira S.R., Asst. Professor, MES’s PCER moderated the session.

SESSION 7: Date: 16th May 2023 (Tuesday)

Topic: Data Analysis using Free and Open Source Software

Speaker: Dr. K. Thiyagu

Dr. K. Thiyagu, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Central University of Kerala highlighted the techniques of installation, and using of various Free and Open Source Software for performing statistics. He demonstrated using of Jamovi, JASP etc. in comparison with SPSS. Ms.Surekha Chidambaranath, Assistant Professor, MES’s PCER moderated the session.


All the eligible participants were given the certificate of participation. Each certificate is printed with the Unique Certificate ID and date of issuing it.

Similarly, the certificates were issues to the organizing committee members and the resource persons mentioning their contributions to FEP.FEEDBACK:

Participant’s feedback is highly valuable to the organisers of FEP. The genuine feedback helps in correcting pitfalls, & improving the practices. The feedback was collected through a Google Form. The feedback shows the satisfaction of the participation on the arrangements made, punctuality, objectivity, selection of resource persons, and the content discussed.


The Faculty Development Program on Concerns of Academic Research in Social Sciences successfully provided participants with valuable insights and practical knowledge related to research ethics, problem selection, methodology, academic publication, and data analysis. The expertise shared by the distinguished speakers equipped participants with the necessary tools to enhance their research endeavors and contribute to the advancement of social sciences.


We extend our gratitude to all the speakers for sharing their expertise and knowledge, as well as the participants for their active engagement throughout the program. Special thanks to the heads and the management of the collaborating institutions, organizing committee and supporting staff for their efforts in ensuring a smooth and successful event.


Based on the positive outcomes of this program, it is recommended that similar faculty development programs continue to be conducted periodically, addressing emerging concerns and advancements in academic research within the social sciences field.


This report is prepared and submitted by:

Dr.Naseerali M.K.

(Programme Coordinator)

Asst. Professor, ISS CTE


Mob: 8907162762


Dr.Shaikh Fahemeeda

(Programme Co-coordinator)

Asst. Professor, KBN University

Mob: 95358 20809


Dr. Aseel Abdul Wahid

(Programme Co-coordinator)

Asst. Professor, FTC, Kozhikode

Mob: 97453 34244

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