Induction Programme: “Ideological Perspectives of Education”
Speaker by Samad Mankada, College Principal of ISSCTE
On 11/08/2023, an induction programme was organized for B.Ed students at ISS College of Teacher Education.The induction programme on “Ideological Perspectives of Education,” featuring Mr. Samad Mankada, the college principal of ISSCTE, was a valuable learning experience for B.Ed students. The programme successfully introduced students to the role of ideology in education, stimulated critical thinking, and encouraged self-reflection.  The interactive sessions, group discussions, and workshop activities enabled students to gain a broader understanding of the subject matter and appreciate the diverse perspectives that shape education. Overall, the induction programme equipped the students with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively navigate and contribute to the field of education.


Students Activities and functions


 Celebrating Teacher’s Day at ISS B. Ed College 05/09/23 Teacher’s Day is a special occasion

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