ISS B.Ed College Embraces the Spirit of Independence on August 15th

ISS B.Ed College, renowned for its vibrant celebrations and deep-rooted love for the nation, commemorated Independence Day on August 15th with immense enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. The day was marked by a series of thoughtful activities and events that aimed to instill a profound sense of nationalism among students, faculty, and staff.
 Flag Hoisting Ceremony:
The day commenced with a dignified flag hoisting ceremony held in the college premises. Mr. CM Mustafa (Treasurer , ISS) along with esteemed faculty members and enthusiastic students, gathered in reverence around the grand flagpole. Our Chief guest Mr. KP Ummer (Convener ,ISS College Committee) delivered independence day speech. After that our beloved principal Mr. Samad Mankada delivered the independence day message. The programme ended with the vote of thanks by Gokul Kesavadas (B,ed Student)
The national flag, representing the unity and strength of India, was hoisted with utmost respect and the entire college community stood in unison to pay homage while the National Anthem echoed in the background.
Inspirational Speeches:
Following the flag hoisting, the Principal, faculty members, and students engaged in a series of motivational speeches that highlighted the significance of Independence Day and the struggles faced by our freedom fighters. The speeches emphasized the role of education in shaping a responsible and progressive society.
 Cultural Extravaganza:
In line with the patriotic theme, the college organized a magnificent cultural program that showcased the diverse cultural heritage of India. The students and staff took the stage and presented awe-inspiring performances encompassing patriotic songs, tableau, and quiz  that depicted the essence of freedom, unity, and national pride.
 Creative Competitions:
To foster creativity and encourage participation among students, ISS B.Ed College conducted a range of creative competitions such as Quiz Competition, patriotic song competition and tableau. The themes revolved around patriotism, national symbols, and the ideals of freedom. These competitions provided a platform for students to showcase their talent and express their love for the nation.
The Independence Day celebration at ISS B.Ed College reverberated with the spirit of patriotism and national pride. The event served as a reminder of the struggles and sacrifices made by our forefathers to attain freedom. By organizing a variety of activities and promoting social responsibility, the college successfully nurtured a sense of love and respect for the nation among its students and faculty. Such celebrations play a pivotal role in shaping individuals who are not only academically accomplished but also socially conscious and committed to the overall progress of the country.


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