DATE:- 19/09/2023, Tuesday

We would like to express our utmost appreciation and heartfelt congratulations to all our beloved students who have successfully passed their second semester examinations. Your dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to your studies have truly paid off. Throughout the semester, you have demonstrated resilience, determination, and the ability to overcome challenges in pursuit of your academic goals. Your exceptional performances reflect your intellectual growth, and we are immensely proud of your achievements.

Amidst the unprecedented circumstances and uncertainties we have faced, your remarkable adaptability and perseverance have shone through. Your ability to navigate remote learning and engage actively in your studies is commendable. You have exhibited maturity as you embraced new technologies and adjusted to a different mode of education. Your resilience in overcoming these obstacles showcases your potential to overcome any hurdle that life presents.

Your success serves as an inspiration for others and reinforces the belief that hard work and a positive attitude can lead to extraordinary outcomes. You have undoubtedly set an example for future students to aspire towards. Your commitment to your education and your thirst for knowledge inspire optimism and confidence.


Academic News and Updations


Chandini , won gold medal in Wako Kerala kick boxing state championship at Palakkad.

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