DATE:- 21/09/2023

Location: Trivandrum, Kerala, India

The purpose of this field trip report is to provide a comprehensive overview of our recent visit to Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. The trip aimed to enhance our understanding and knowledge of the cultural, historical, and natural significance of the region. We embarked on this journey with a group of 50 students and 5 faculty members, guided by local experts who provided valuable insights throughout the trip.

Trivandrum is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, and our field trip allowed us to immerse ourselves in the local artistic traditions and customs. We visited iconic landmarks such as  the  Kovalam beach, Bheema Palli, Niyama Sabha, Veli village park, To deepen our cultural understanding, we also visited the Napier Museum and the Kanakakunnu Palace. These historical sites provided us with an opportunity to explore the region’s royal history and marvel at the exquisite artifacts and paintings on display.

Trivandrum’s natural beauty captivated us, and we had the chance to engage with Kerala’s unique ecosystem. Our trip to the Kovalam Beach allowed us to witness the pristine coastline and experience the warm waters of the Arabian Sea. We learned about the challenges faced by marine life due to pollution and the importance of conservation efforts.

Our field trip to Trivandrum offered a comprehensive and enriching experience. It provided us with a deeper understanding of Kerala’s cultural heritage, ecological importance, and the advancements made in various fields of education and research. The trip fostered a sense of appreciation for the region’s art, history, and natural beauty.

Trivandrum proved to be an ideal destination for educational excursions, allowing students to learn beyond textbooks and expand their horizons. We are grateful to the local experts, educational institutions, and our faculty members for organizing and guiding this memorable trip.


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