ALSHIFA COLLEGE OF NURSING conducted a workshop on TECH TRANSCEND (About Artificial Intelligence and ICT tools)

On October 18, 2023, the faculties and students of our college participated in a one-day workshop on artificial intelligence (AI) and ICT tools. The workshop aimed to provide an overview of AI and its applications in education, as well as to introduce participants to various ICT tools that can be used to enhance teaching and learning.

Here are some key points from the workshop:
The workshop covered topics such as the basics of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing.
Participants learned about various ICT tools, including adaptive tutoring systems, intelligent tutoring systems, and personalized learning systems.
The workshop also included hands-on activities, such as creating chatbots and using AI-powered tools to analyze data.
The participants were encouraged to use the new AI tools to increase the effectiveness of their teaching and learning.
Overall, the workshop was a great success, and the participants gained valuable insights into the potential of AI and ICT tools in education. The workshop provided an opportunity for the faculties and students to learn from experts in the field and to exchange ideas and experiences.


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