College Union Election 2023-24

01/11/2023 WEDNESDAY

ISS B. Ed College successfully conducted its college election, providing an opportunity for students to actively participate in the democratic process and exercise their right to vote. The election aimed to elect student representatives who would act as a voice for the student body and contribute to the overall development and welfare of the college.

Preparations and Campaigning:

Prior to the election, the college administration, in collaboration with the Students’ Union, undertook various preparatory measures. These included setting up an Election Committee, ensuring the electoral process was fair and transparent, promoting voter awareness, and establishing campaign guidelines.

Candidates running for various positions, such as Chairman, Vice Chair-person, General Secretary, and Joint Secretary, UUC, General Captian, Student Editor, Fine Arts Secretary actively campaigned throughout the campus. They organized rallies, public speeches, and debates to present their visions, goals, and ideas to the student body. Campaign materials such as posters, banners, and social media campaigns were utilized by the candidates to garner support.

Election Day:

On the day of the election, the college premises were abuzz with excitement and anticipation. The voting booths were set up in a central location, offering a safe and confidential space for students to cast their votes. The Election Committee ensured hassle-free voting by maintaining queues, verifying student identification, and offering guidance to those unfamiliar with the process.

Student Participation:

The election saw enthusiastic participation from students, with a significant turnout at the voting booths throughout the day. Students eagerly exercised their democratic right, displaying a strong sense of responsibility and enthusiasm. The atmosphere was filled with energy and support for the candidates, further highlighting the significance of the election.

Results and Conclusion:

Following the conclusion of the voting process, the Election Committee, alongside the college administration and the Students’ Union, tallied the votes and announced the results. The elected candidates would then assume their positions and work towards fulfilling their promises and responsibilities.

The college election at ISS B. Ed College served as a platform for students to actively engage in the democratic process, encouraging leadership development, and ensuring the representation of the student body. The successful conduct of the election further reinforced the college’s commitment to promoting a nurturing and inclusive environment.

Through this election, students were able to exercise their right to vote and actively participate in shaping the college’s future. The process provided an excellent learning opportunity for both the candidates and the voters, fostering a sense of civic responsibility and democratic values.

Overall, the college election at ISS B. Ed College proved to be a momentous event, allowing students to take charge of their own destiny and positively contribute to the college community.



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