27102023 FRIDAY

Under the Social Service Cell conducted an engaging discussion on the Palestine-Israel conflict took place at ISS B. Ed College, gathering students and faculty members. The conversation aimed to foster understanding, awareness, and critical thinking about one of the most protracted and complex geopolitical challenges of our time. The talk provided valuable insights into the conflict’s historical context, current situation, and possible paths towards resolution.

SOCIAL SERVICE CELL convenor Ardra CN delivered the welcome speech and our College principal ABDUSAMMAD P was the orator about the topic . who covered the all things given under the paragraphs.

Current Situation and Challenges:
The presentation then transitioned into an examination of the current situation and challenges faced by both Palestinians and Israelis. Important topics addressed included the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, illegal settlements, water resource disputes, the restriction of movement for Palestinians, and the impact of the conflict on daily life. The panelists also highlighted the Palestinian right to self-determination and the challenges faced by the Israeli government in ensuring its citizens’ security.

Role of International Community and Possible Solutions:
The final part of the talk emphasized the role of the international community in finding a viable and sustainable solution for the conflict. The panelists touched upon the significance of multilateral organizations such as the United Nations and the ongoing peace processes and negotiations. They also stressed the importance of empathy, dialogue, and compromise for bringing about a peaceful resolution. The presentation concluded with a discussion of potential long-term solutions, including a two-state solution, a single-state solution, and the role of international law in achieving justice for both parties.

The talk on the Palestine-Israel conflict at ISS B. Ed College succeeded in creating a platform for open and insightful dialogue. It provided a comprehensive understanding of the historical background, challenges faced, and potential pathways towards peace. By engaging students and stakeholders in critical discussions, the event fostered deepened awareness and empowered participants with the knowledge to make informed decisions and contribute constructively to the resolution of this complex conflict. Atlast, the session wind up by the comments of students and vote of thanks delivered by the joint convenor Swathi.



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