National Seminar

Date:- 06/02/2024

The National Seminar titled “Catalyst for Success: Integrated Learning Experience into Career Growth” provided a comprehensive platform for educators, professionals, and students to explore the intersection of education and career development. The seminar focused on the role of integrated learning experiences in shaping individuals’ career trajectories and fostering success in various fields.


Throughout the seminar, distinguished speakers shared insights and best practices on how integrating practical, hands-on learning opportunities into academic curricula can better prepare students for their future careers. Discussions revolved around the importance of incorporating real-world applications, industry projects, internships, and experiential learning activities to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional skills.


Participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, panel discussions, and workshops aimed at identifying innovative approaches to curriculum design and teaching methodologies that promote holistic development and enhance employability.


Key themes addressed during the seminar included:


1. Aligning educational goals with industry needs to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

2. Leveraging technology and interdisciplinary approaches to create dynamic learning environments.

3. Fostering entrepreneurship, creativity, and critical thinking skills among students.

4. Providing mentorship and career guidance to help students navigate their professional journeys successfully.


The seminar concluded with a call to action for educational institutions, policymakers, and industry stakeholders to collaborate closely in designing and implementing integrated learning experiences that empower individuals to thrive in today’s competitive job market. Overall, the seminar served as a catalyst for advancing the discourse on effective strategies for nurturing talent and driving career success through integrated education.

Inbetween the programme our chief guest hand over the memento to the Rinsha V. P, Calicut University rank holder in MA English.


Students Activities and functions

Understanding the self

Date:-19/03/24   The B.Ed practical session on understanding the self was handled by Santhosh Vallikad,


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Ist Sem result Published

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