Date:- 13th &14th February 2024

Two-Day Workshop for B. Ed Students: Chart and Working Model Creation


  1. Day 1: Chart Creation Workshop

Session 1: Introduction to Effective Chart Design

– Overview of the importance of charts in educational settings.

– Principles of effective chart design: clarity, simplicity, and visual appeal.

– Examples of different types of educational charts and their purposes.


Session 2: Hands-on Chart Creation

– Demonstration of various chart-making techniques using different materials (e.g., paper, markers, charts software).

– Group activities where students brainstorm ideas for educational charts related to their subject areas.

– Guided practice in creating charts, focusing on content organization, visual hierarchy, and readability.


Session 3: Feedback and Improvement

– Peer review session where students share their chart creations and provide constructive feedback.

– Facilitator-led discussion on ways to improve chart design based on feedback received.

– Individual or group work time for students to refine their charts based on the feedback received.


Day 2: Working Model Creation Workshop


Session 1: Introduction to Working Models in Education

– Overview of the benefits of using working models to enhance learning.

– Examples of different types of working models used in various subject areas.

– Discussion on how working models can facilitate hands-on learning and conceptual understanding.


Session 2: Hands-on Working Model Construction

– Demonstration of basic techniques and materials used in creating working models (e.g., cardboard, clay, recyclable materials).

– Group brainstorming session to generate ideas for working models relevant to their subject areas.

– Guided practice in constructing working models, focusing on accuracy, functionality, and creativity.


Session 3: Presentation and Reflection

– Students showcase their completed working models to the group, explaining their concepts and functionalities.

– Peer feedback session where students provide constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

– Reflection on the learning process, including challenges faced and lessons learned during the workshop.

The two-day workshop for B. Ed students on chart and working model creation aims to enhance their skills in designing effective educational resources that promote active learning and conceptual understanding. Through hands-on activities, peer collaboration, and expert guidance, students will develop the confidence and competence to create visually appealing charts and functional working models that can enrich their future teaching practices.


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