Language and Literary Club Inauguration on Malayalam Language Day and Kerala Piravi Celebration

On November 1st, the ISS B. ED College organized a grand event to celebrate Malayalam Language Day and Kerala Piravi.

The event commenced with the inauguration of the Language and Literary Club, aiming to promote the richness and diversity of the Malayalam language, as well as encourage literary activities among the students.

Inauguration Event:
The inauguration ceremony took place in the college auditorium and was attended by faculty members and students. The event began with a welcome address by RESHMA literary club convenor , Presidential adress delivered by Ruksana and our Principal inaugurated the programme both language and literary club inauguration and Kerala piravi. Through his speech he  highlighted the significance of celebrating Kerala Piravi and the importance of preserving our mother tongue, Malayalam.

The club coordinator explained the purpose and goals of the club, which included organizing language-based competitions, literary sessions, and fostering a love for reading and writing among students. According to these two events Rasheed CP, Bbith Ann Joseph, Naseema p , Anju A the all faculty members are express their view about the importance of language and the beauty of Kerala on the occasion of  Kerala Piravi .

The event featured a variety of cultural performances showcasing the beauty and diversity of Kerala’s artistic traditions. There were mesmerizing classical dance performances, soul-stirring folk songs, and engaging skits that revolved around Malayalam literature and its impact on society. The performances were a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Kerala and the power of language in expressing emotions.

The Language and Literary Club inauguration event on Malayalam Language Day and Kerala Piravi was a resounding success. It not only served as a platform for the recognition of the Malayalam language but also kindled a sense of pride and enthusiasm among the students to explore and contribute to the rich tapestry of Malayalam literature. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Bushra kamarudheen. To all the individuals who made it possible and left everyone eagerly awaiting the upcoming activities of the Language and Literary Club.


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