National Education Day Celebration and Philo Path Inauguration at ISS BED College

Date: November 10-11, 2023

National Education Day Celebration:

The celebration aimed to commemorate National Education Day and emphasize the importance of education in shaping a progressive society.


Inaugural Session: The event commenced with an inaugural session by principal Samad sir, highlighting the significance of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s contributions to education and nation-building.

Educational Workshop: A workshop was organized about the popular educationist

Interactive Discussions: Panel discussions and interactive sessions encouraged participants to share ideas on educational reforms, fostering a collaborative environment for academic growth.

Philo Path Inauguration:

The inauguration of the Philosophy Club, “Philo Path,” aimed to promote philosophical discourse, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration among students.


Club Introduction: The event began with an introduction to Philo Path, outlining its objectives, activities, and the role it aims to play in nurturing philosophical inquiry.

Inaugural Address: Distinguished faculty members and our beloved principal delivered speeches highlighting the importance of philosophy in cultivating well-rounded individuals and fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity.


Enhanced Educational Awareness: The National Education Day celebration increased awareness about the transformative power of education and its role in societal development.

Philosophical Engagement: The inauguration of Philo Path provided a platform for students to engage in philosophical discussions, fostering a spirit of inquiry and intellectual exploration.

Community Building: Both events contributed to community building, creating an inclusive space for intellectual exchange and collaborative learning.

Future Initiatives:
Moving forward, the college plans to host regular workshops, seminars, and discussions under the Philo Path initiative, encouraging students to delve deeper into philosophical concepts and their relevance in contemporary society.

In conclusion, the National Education Day celebration and Philo Path inauguration at ISS BED College were successful in promoting education, fostering intellectual curiosity, and creating a vibrant community that values knowledge and philosophical inquiry


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